First created 2015/4/13; last updated 2015/6/12. Generated with If you don't see a bar graph below, your browser is not modern enough or you have JavaScript disabled :(

The only manual change I made was to add the ordinal scale coloring by top-level domain. If even Gmail considered it spam, it didn't go here.

* The letter from is about a local event by Emory U, Case Western Reserve U, Carnegie Mellon U, New York U and the U of Rochester.

** Two of the emails from are about a local event by Cornell, Rice, UChicago and Vanderbilt.

† Some colleges sent from two domains. Notably, if you combine Loyola's two bars, it takes second place by a thin margin. I marked these manually and may have missed some though.

‡ Not from a college or specific colleges, but related to the topic.